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White Paper on Serving People

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  • Last updated:2023-06-20
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White Paper on Serving People


The words of the Chief Prosecutor

Law and order is emphasized in a democratic society, yet human rights have to be respected upon investigating various cases in the jurisdiction institution. Disputes can be avoided by dealing with a case in a peaceful way. Based on this concept the Prosecution provides the White Paper of Serving People and hope to advance service and quality, as well as guarantee the rights of people.


Main business at present

1. Advance the efficiency of handling cases.

Promptly handle all cases of investigation, appeal, re-deliberation, plea and requests of declare judicially; carry out a corporal punishment or transfer jurisdiction or military investigation or submit the re-deliberation or people’s statement or investigation or remit a compelling work without delay.


2. Exactly implement the public prosecution

Upon presenting in court, the chief procurator expounds on the case practically. All cases are checked carefully and discussed with the court prosecutor of the first instance. Advantageous/disadvantageous evidence is well examined and the criminal action of the defendant is analyzed cautiously. This information can be used as reference for the criminal court.


3. The right of appeal of the defendant is applied properly

After receiving the verdict of the criminal judgment, the court prosecutor will study it carefully. If the judgment and measurement of penalty are improper, such as it should be a guilty judgment, but it is sentenced not guilty or vice versa or the announced verdict is against current laws and decrees, a proper correction will be made and an explanation in detail will be given accordingly. According to the Laws, a lawsuit, appeal or special appeal will be raised by the chief procurator afterwards.


4. Automatic prosecution

The duty of a court prosecutor is to expose illegal matters and avoid criminal ones.

Upon handling a case if the party, person beyond the case or witness is found that who has criminal suspicion or an ad on newspaper or magazine is involved with the convict, the court prosecutor should find out the name and residence of the person and inform the relevant Prosecution of District Court for punishment in accordance with the law.


5. Strengthen the protection to the criminally injured party

A Compensation Case Review Committee of the Injured Party at the Prosecution of Kaohsiung High Court has been created. It is in charge of decisions made by the Prosecution Deliberation Committee of the First Instance that is unacceptable by the applicant of case review.


Our promise

Act cautiously

All cases should be handled fairly. An active attitude of dealing the case is necessary, so that justice can be upheld.


Handle the case professionally

All servants should be familiar with legal knowledge. All staff in the Prosecution should provide support at any time and correct and clear answers should be given in a very short time.


Two-way communication

With sympathy, sincere attitude, and tactful expression must be given to serve people who needs help and be patient in answering all questions. If the party misunderstands the laws and decrees, a more friendly and patient explanation should be expressed.


Direct services

Properly handle the news release of investigating case

Exactly implement the system of the spokesperson

Properly issue news content

Plan the media visit area and control journalists that enter the case handling office

Promptly inform the court prosecutor for non-appeal

If the second instance of the courts has to inform the third instance regarding a not guilty case, exempt from an appeal, verdict rejection, or if the court prosecutor does not appeal to a higher court accordingly. Each person involved should inform the party immediately, so that worry or inappropriate behavior can be avoided.

Promptly handle peoples’ statement and submitted cases.

Case statement

Prompt service

In order to strengthen service, based on the measure of handling people’s statement issued by the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecution will separate the requests received from the institution or individual and differentiate it according to its nature, such as investigation or statement. Then input the request into the computer system and handle the case within one month. If it is an on-site statement, the servant will listen to the statement patiently and file it into the record, then separate the case promptly.

Consulting service

For cases that cannot be handled on-site, a detailed explanation will be given and then transfer the case to other unit or legal agent right away.

Telephone statement

If it is a simple case, the servant will give reply on-site; if the case cannot be replied immediately, a written statement will be proposed and it will be handled within a time limit.

Promote application and examination through Internet actively

Managing by professionals

Submitted case

Reply within a time limit

If the case requested to be submitted; after handling, it should be replied to the applicant. If due to transference, submitting a declaration or uncertain cause, a reply should be sent in advance to the applicant.

Prepare various statement samples for the needed person

Display various statement samples for the needed person on the service counter

Actively promote application and examination through the Internet

Various applications and statement samples can be downloaded from our Web site. There are professionals in charge of the application.

Promote various measures at the service counter to help people

Assign proper staff to provide service

Assign senior staff that has legal knowledge and enthusiasm to reply to all requests regarding statements

Provide facilities to help people

Develop various work processes for statements

Freely display and provide statement application samples

Provide stationary, chair/desk, copy machine and reading glasses for needed person

Provide wheelchair, emergency bell and nursing facility for needed person

Create a special investigation court for the injured party of sexual violation and rest rooms for criminally injured parties and witnesses

Develop introduction of law knowledge

The chief prosecutor should visit schools and community irregularly to introduce law education.

Gather social groups to conduct anti-vote buying and introduce law information as well as instill democratic concepts

Display various introductions of law for the public

Accept various opinions

Set up an opinion box and survey for statistics

Prepare a revolution box to accept various opinions

Set up electronic mail box for the investigation institute. Allow people to send suggestions via e-mail and reply to questions specifically.

The service counter should be a counter for all necessities. Complete service has to be provided.


Self-criticism and improve service quality at any time

Be unsatisfied with the present status and try to improve all the time

According to the Evaluation Standard and Work Performance of each Institute of the Ministry of Justice, the service range should include the attitude, introduction of law knowledge and telephone courtesy for nearly 20 items. They are the main concepts of evaluation. Irregular checks of training will be followed, such as telephone courtesy, record management, professional knowledge and service attitude. Work reports will be reviewed and awards will be given. Those are important references for annual evaluations.

Master public opinions by using a service questionnaire of the people and study innovated service measures such as simplifying the application process. If necessary, social resources should be gathered and more services should be provided.


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